Garage Door Springs – Fix Them Before Repairs Are Involved

Garage Door Springs – the one thing that makes a garage door opener run smoothly or even at all are the garage door springs. If you have an old garage door opener, you may notice that after a while the springs begin to feel weak and wobbly. If you wait too long, you can actually damage the springs enough to have them spring back to their original shape which will cost you a lot more in the long run.

There are really two kinds of garage door springs, both extension and torsion. Typically, garage door springs are generally classified as either torsion or extension springs. Depending on the design and the amount of use that the springs get, you may have one or the other type of springs used. You can also get colored coding on the springs to help identify them easier. Generally, a garage doors color-coding system is used to help make garage door openers see what type of garage door springs there are so they can be used to open that kind of door.

Extension Springs: These garage door springs use a shaft to extend up and down. They are usually fastened to the ceiling or to the floor. Because extension springs can become very heavy, they are normally placed on the outside of the garage, near the threshold. To make sure the extension springs stay put, safety cables are often used.

Torsion Springs: Torsion garage door springs can be wound tightly to create tension, like in a cable. This makes the spring much more durable and safe to operate, but it also makes the spring much more expensive to maintain. They must also be wound tightly, sometimes using steel wire. The best torsion garage door springs to buy are those that are tightly wound and contain no metal pieces that can be pulled out. The tension on the torsion spring is provided by a wire wrapped around a wooden handle.

Garage door spring repair may involve replacement of one or more springs on your door. There are many different kinds of springs that can be replaced. When you replace springs on your garage door springs, you should also replace the tension springs as well. You want to make sure you do the correct amount of tension to keep the springs working smoothly. Overloading the springs will cause them to break, so make sure to do the proper amount of tightening when you replace them.

Garage door opener problems caused by springs can be extremely annoying. Because the garage doors are open constantly, the doors can scrape against each other and potentially damage their alignment. You should take special care with springs that are used to lift the doors up, because overloading could possibly break the springs or even injure someone. For better garage door springs, you may want to consider purchasing new ones, instead of replacing old ones. A better opener will mean less work and more safety for you and everyone in your home.