A Book Review of Miami 247 by Steve Gossiper

Bottom Line: My review of miami247 is very lopsided because I love the school, and the style of football they play. However, I can’t help but be critical. Bottom Line: MIami isn’t going to make the cut. Why? Because I don’t think there is anyone on the current Florida State teams that is better than Miami in the trenches, and everyone else on the team is either an All-American or a first team all star.

Top offensive plays from this year’s college football team: There are so many great run plays out there, but two stand out to me as being absolutely vital to success on any given day as a Miami Hurricane: “Jet Sweep” and “GI Joe.” First off, the jet sweep is probably my favorite skill of all time from a college football standpoint. You take your team down the field, motion the ball, and attack the defense one way while running around the opposite end of the field. The jet sweep motion is extremely difficult to block, and often results in an easy touchdown. Look at College Coach Kiffin’s Texas Tech team last year, and you’ll see examples of how well the jet sweep works.

Second, when it comes to college football defenses, the guys who really stand out at times are the cornerbacks. Miami has the most talented corners in the nation, and it shows on a nightly basis. Miami has shutdown corners who can play the run well, and they also play superb cover corners and strong safety to stop big plays at the line of the field. I would have to rank the skill sets of every single corner on the Florida State Seminoles’ roster right now, and they are far and away the best at what they do.

Third, inside running back is another position that has a lot of college football fans hyped this season. It’s a great battle for supremacy between the young guns at the running back position (Duke Williams and Kenyan Roberts) as well as veterans Chris Thompson and Jaheim Hilton. When you add on top the speed of Kenyan and the power of Williams, you have an edge that many teams simply can’t stop. So Miami is clearly the class of this year’s running backs.

Last, I’d like to go into some detail with the story vs. post debate. This is basically the argument that most people have, which is that coaches are afraid to spend time on the recruiting trail and instead choose to put more effort into the spring workouts. In a perfect world, this would be true, but as you probably know, things don’t always go exactly as planned. Miami Hurricanes are proof that it doesn’t take an ace recruiters and a hundred million dollars for a college program to get a player like Williams, so I’m going to have to say that the “post” part of my argument is pretty much a fallacy.

In the final analysis, I would have to say that this is one of the best stories that anyone can read about college football. The fact that Miami has recruited and signed a number one overall player, with a little help from a couple other recruits, makes this story more of an interesting read than many others. The fact that the story lines move along in a logical way, while at the same time being fun to read, makes this book a definite must have for college football fans. If you want to get tons of college football information, this book should be in the top of your list!